Collar – Measure around the lowest part of the neck, where the collar meets at the front and at the front where it usually buttons up.

{Tip – Ensure the tape is at the base of the neck, where the neck and shoulders meet}

Chest – Place the tape just under your armpits, and measure around the upper (fullest) part of the chest.

{Tip – When measuring naturally inhale so that your body is full, but don’t “puff” out your chest}

Waist – Measure around the fullest part of the waistline (right above the trouser belt line).

{Tip – Don’t hold your stomach in}

Hips – Measure around the fullest part of your hips (usually 2-3 inches below your belt).

Cuffs – Measure at the wrist bone, typically where a watch is worn.

Sleeves – Measure with arm at your side, from the tip of the shoulder to the first knuckle of the thumb.

{Tip – Your first knuckle is where your thumb meets your hand}

Back – Measure across the top of your shoulder, from one edge to the other. Ensure you take the curved contour over the top of the shoulders.

{Tip – Measure your best fitting shirt in the back, by measuring shoulder seem to shoulder seem}

Shirt Length – Measure from the base of the collar, to just where your seat meets the legs.

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